Audit of financial statements

How solid and reliable is your company’s financial position? This is partly determined on the basis of your financial statements. By customers but also by credit insurers and capital providers, such as banks and investors. The financial statements provide a reliable financial picture. After all, your independent auditor has audited and assessed them.

Auditing, one of the core tasks of our accountancy team

 If required, we can also audit other financial reports, such as turnover/sales statements, subsidy settlements and insured interest statements.

Proactive brainstorming

We take the financial statements as the starting point to further optimise your business operations. We discuss what we encountered during the audit and learn lessons from the figures together with you.

What is going well, what can improve?

We give practical recommendations and advice, for example on optimising internal processes or improving your financial structure. Recommendations and advice that you can use to your advantage as an entrepreneur.

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